This workshop will introduce you into the world of aviation. Participants will enjoy learning about the history and development of aviation, how aeroplanes work and get a rare glimpse into the secrets of aviation.

Week 1 – The History of Aviation. We look back to how the modern day aircraft came to be and the many attempts to fly
Week 2 – The Fundamentals of Flight. This lesson looks at the basics of how an aircraft gets into the air and what makes it stay there
Week 3 – The Inside Secrets of Aviation. Participants will be treated to a rare inside glimpse of the airline industry operations and how pilots communicate with one another and air traffic control
Week 4 – The Future of Flight. We look forward at the development currently occurring in aviation and what it might look like in the future


For aviation novices, enthusiasts and experts alike. Anyone who wants to indulge in the magic of aviation.

DURATION 4 days x 3 hours
DELIVERY Virtual workshops including presentations, videos and discussion.
  • Develop an understanding of the historical development of fixed wing aeroplanes
  • Understand what makes aeroplanes fly, including aerodynamics and engines
  • Give a deep appreciation of what is happening at different stages of flight – you may never look at a plane the same way again
  • Enjoy looking at the technology currently being developed and the future of flight

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