Pastels are a vibrant, easy to use and versatile medium! This training will give you a beginner’s introduction to soft pastels and a basic understanding of what they are and how to use them to start creating your own pastel drawings.

Anyone who has some extra time on their hands and wants to learn a new skill or find a new hobby, this course will give you the flexibility of art lessons in the comfort of your own home, and Pastels are versatile and very simple to use. The virtual instructor led training course is a flexible and easy way to be involved in a creative group activity where you can meet fellow aspiring artists, learn a great new skill and have some fun! If you have tried but lack confidence, are unable to attend art classes or have tried other mediums and found them too difficult, this simple and straightforward course will help you feel more confident, learn a fun, stress free hobby to escape your daily routine, learn in your own home at your own pace with a community of like-minded people & draw pictures that you can be proud of.

DURATION 4 days x 3 hours
DELIVERY Virtual instructor led training course with active participation via Zoom.
LEARNING OUTCOMES Participants will cover the basics of using chalk pastels then put this knowledge into practice to create their own still life art.

Topics covered:

  • What pastels are
  • What you need to start working with pastels
  • Basic Techniques for using pastels
  • How to start creating your own artwork

Teacher’s Pastel Drawings:

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