Founded in 2020, SeniorsLearning is an initiative promoting learning for personal enjoyment, aimed at creating a community of learners to foster increased wellbeing for seniors. Our mission is to create meaningful learning journeys which help build new knowledge, exercise the mind and create opportunities to establish new friendships from around the world. Seniors Learning is a community for like-minded people in their third stage who are curious and enjoy learning from the comfort of their own home in a friendly small group setting.

A feature of Seniors Learning is the quality of our faculty. Each has deep expertise and years of teaching experience in their relevant field, be it music, creative writing or problem solving. Our course on the history and marvels of flight through the ages is taught by a current international pilot.

In 2020, all our programs are conducted using AcademyGlobal’s Zoom Enterprise account. Our state-of-the-art video webinar program is user-friendly, reliable and the next best thing to being together in the same room with your colleagues.

We can assist you with webinar set up, and no additional software is required, as participants simply follow a link to join.

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